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Hello Everyone. Welcome To Ching Yee Writes.

Basically, Ching Yee Writes is my platforms to explore my own creative whims & fancies, be it food, lifestyle or maybe a little bit of fashion & writing. After months and years of procrastinating, I have finally put my idea into action. I’ll be pushing myself creatively by capturing every life moments and its little wonders through my writing, photos or maybe videos? *laughs*

I’ve been building this site tirelessly, days and nights, months and years, planning, more planning and writing. Everything you see on this site, from the simplest design to content has been developed from scratch. Trust me, it has been a hair pulling journey, by just trying to figure out, how to get the site looking the way it does now. I have always had a dream in building my own website. Proudly to say, I am finally working on it now. But nevertheless, this new start has been so much lessons learned.

This site is not just an avenue for me to be a little creative but also a promise to myself to be adventurous, to live a simple & fulfilling life.

Previous blogspot (www.chermaineccy.blogspot.com) was all about my weight loss journey.

Today, Ching Yee Writes is the beginning of my exploration. And I’ll be happy to have you along on this ride with me.

Cheers! xoxo

Ching Yee


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  1. irenect2 says:

    Congratulations on your new writing venture!

    Liked by 1 person

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