The Island Life



If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram, you’re probably questioning why I’ve been traveling so much. Or even have a quit my job? Well the answer is, NO. I’m still working my day job. I love my job, as a juggler’. But perhaps I’ll elaborate more on that in later posts. Most of my short trips were spontaneous trips.

The island life will always be special to me ever since I was a kid. I’m never sick of those hot/warm places. What’s not to love when there’s great sunshine, sounds of the sea, splashing waves and most importantly, amazing friendly people.

In actual fact, after running a mini relay at work, I was down with gastric and throat infection. But even so, I managed to force myself to enjoy every bits of it, because hey, who doesn’t love off days anyway?

This year, it’s all about island life. Where to go next? Till we meet again!

On top of that, I have created a page in Facebook, @Chingyeewritesdotcom , this will be the beginning of my own exploration through this life I am living in, while enriching myself in the process. And I will be happy to have you along on this ride with me.

With Loves,

Ching Yee



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