‘Seoul’ Damn Good – Powerplant Malaysia Sky Avenue Genting Highlands


Is it totally excessive if my first food blog post is about Korean Food or Bar? I am neither an expert nor a fan of Korean culture food but it was a nice experience here. You get a little bit of everything.

Powerplant has been on our radar ever since their third outlet opening in Sky Avenue Genting Highlands. The concept of this whole bistro certainly takes on a modern dining experience. Likewise on the food aspect, the bistro offers a one of a kind combination of Western-Korean dishes.

Here are the questions I preoccupy myself with, these days. Anyway, I just had to jot this down before time passes and weathers away the intensity of my current emotion or to another level, addiction. I start to second guess myself and wonder if I really meant it when I thought one fine evening in this place that it’s true, all that they say knowing it’s love when you find it, like how after my several visits to Powerplant, I have finally found and fallen in love with this place, with the best luncheon meat, their live music, cozy & chilly environment and most importantly, their superb friendly service! They have their uniform with “I could serve you better than your wife” quote written at the back of their shirt! – What A Fantastic Service ! 

One main reason I love this place ; I am a luncheon meat lover and you could find it in most of their dishes served.

After my recent & countless of visitations, my mostly ordered food would be their Luncheon Matchsticks and Pork Mantou. I even had my own customised Mantou. I sometimes feel a bit guilty for being too demanding over the menu.

I am sorry Vince! I hope you don’t chase us out.  *laughs*

When it comes to the menu, Sh*t ! I could remember most of the names without even flipping through the menu and I could even remember the prices. 

If you are the type that will pay for ambience and food layout, then this is a must visit. I enjoyed myself here very much. Be warned, prices are in mid-range. You pay what you get. I do not say it is either cheap or pricey. You adjust to yourself. This place is definitely a great place to go for a group meal.

The food was prepared kinda fast. Big portions, aesthetically and nicely organized!

A great place to go for a group meal.

The place will be quite buzzing during the evening, tipsy ladies & gentlemen shouting happily at each other, ladies are trying to get the servers’ attention, if you really get what I mean. *laughs*. They have their own version of “Canto Pop Singer; Pakho Chau.” hahaha.

And above all, the crackling of fried pork & chicken skin being bitten into, everywhere. People turned to me: this place is amazing. I nodded, taking credit for the place as if I made the food myself: thanks, I know.

Their famous “Kaki Babi” which means Pork Knuckles – Around RM86 if I’m not mistaken . It sold out pretty fast.

It’s hard for me to explain why food is so good when it is. I have a thousand and million one ways to complain about bad food and bad service, but when it’s good, I’m usually just stunned into silence and will definitely make my return.

Twin Wings & Cheese – RM35
PP Pork Mantou, with Grilled Pork Belly, Luncheon Meat, Pork Bacon & Pork Galbi, all with cheese & vegetables ; sounds something like that.  – RM28

Now I’m showing you what they allowed me to order :-

My own customised Pork Mantou, with only steamed mantou & luncheon meat, with cheese & vegetables. But too bad, I don’t eat cheese, to not causing my size grow horizontally anymore. I knew it already did.
Luncheon Matchsticks comes with 2 dipping sauce – RM21

Am I hyping this up too much? Am I setting everyone else up for disappointment? Doesn’t matter right now – in this current narrative, the best F&B outlet I’ve ever visited in Genting Sky Avenue, it still blows my mind. Yum, essentially. Yum and yum. Cheers & cheers.

The bar isn’t huge, they get a little packed during dinner & night too. Live music plays throughout the night, from 8.30pm – 12am, with the bar closing 1.30am daily (kitchen runs till 12am).

I reckon chilling over a beer or two with all that food sounds like a perfect plan for any weekdays or weekend. They even have a private karaoke room, so you get to cheers and make as much noise and merry as you want without being judged.

I think that for the food , service and the quality you get from them, the pricing is extremely value for money. This also means I should start planning for my next visit after my off days again. hahahaha

*Tips on how to be their VVIP customer, in order to order your own customised meals.*

  1. Have frequent visitation, at least 7 times, 6 days in a week, continuously.
  2. Minimum spend of 60 bucks in a single receipt on each visitation
  3. Bring in more people, eat more and drink more
  4. Be loyal to them
  5. Do not be fussy guest

The above are to keep you entertained. All jokes. No such thing. Their service has been really good ever since on my first visit.

I think I have too much pictures to share. You may refer to the simple slideshows below. I can’t really remember the exact names & prices. They may be slightly difference.

Powerplant Malaysia
SkyAvenue,Level 4
TC2-26 & 27
(Located At The Same Floor With Sky Awana Cable Car Station ; Outdoor)

Note : *This was not an invited media tasting. Reviews are true.*

Ching Yee


This slideshow requires JavaScript.





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