“Just Because I’m Losing Doesn’t Mean I’m Lost – Coldplay”


I have been awfully quiet around here because I have spent pretty much all my time working, reflecting on life and trying to do better in it. To the previous months that messed me up, threw me near the verge of giving up, made me doubt myself a lot and expect things that will never happen.

Looking back from today until October 2015, I see my self-tape on rewind x3. From Ipoh to JB and now hill. From the pain and heartbreak of leaving a home to then rebuilding it’s foundations to evolve into another beautiful ‘winter-home’.

As I build my foundations again I can only be grateful for the lessons I learnt from the structures I built before. These passing years have made me stronger, taught me how to love myself more than anything else, made me realize who’s true to me and not.

Life has taught me how much family matters, to be careful who you speak to, to not trust everyone, what it’s like to have true friends and the pain of lost loved ones. I have learnt to let go of the things which are almost toxic to me, to accept the reality that nothing stays the same, to understand that it is okay not to be okay and to commit to whatever decision I have as long as it makes me happy.

It’s been one of the best worst journey of my life and I am thankful for that. I do not regret a single moment of it. Even the lowest of lows has helped me become a better person, and I am so much stronger, better, faster and smarter than I used to be.

Some years ago, it might seem like I received a box of darkness, it took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.

Thank you people, for always being there for me through my ups and downs. Thank you for graciously supporting me.


Ching Yee



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