Weight Loss = Self-Discipline

Hello readers, I think I owe this write up to many of you. Thank you for your response and taking your valuable time in dropping by at my little portal. Sorry for not being able to get back to your messages on time, which I have delayed for a period of time. I was a little busy for a while.

Losing weight has been weighing on my mind recently, so when I step on the scale and see myself even a few kilos lighter. It totally makes my day.

Long story short, I think you know I have been chubby and obese when I was in a very young age. This is the reason why you are reading this right now. Yes, I started blogging when I was 14. As time passed by, I decided to write about all my weight loss process and journey on my previous blog.

I am really sick and tired of being ‘the big girl’. In this harsh and cold society, especially if you are in my current profession, where not being thin and pretty much equates to being considered fat and ugly. I have finally had enough. Social pressure aside, I can’t stand carrying around so much excess baggage and being flabby and cellulite-y.

I find it extremely hard to maintain a steady progression of weight loss. Thank god, I have been extra motivated recently after seeing my previous self in the pictures below, which has shown my results for the past few years.



I can now also fit into some smaller sizes clothes and no longer find myself grossly oversized when I stand next to my skinny, super good looking and hot girlfriends. Yes, I am still bigger than the rest, but by my own standards at least I do not feel so troll-like anymore. So much thanks to the people around me. My family and friends for being what I believe to be the reason why I am still so firm in my weight loss journey.

Earlier, I was feeling pretty stagnant and lousy about my weight, but maybe because of my quite hectic schedules lately, it feels not only possible to attain the physique I want, but actually a rather enjoyable journey because I see myself losing weight. It may sound unhealthy I know. Losing weight because of not getting enough of rest, not having a balanced diet. I admit that most of the time, I choose not to eat. I starve even though I feel hungry. I use water and fruits to ease my hunger.



I told myself I wanted to become a healthy person. I want to inspire others. I have successfully reduced 33kgs from the start. The progress may sound a bit slow but it is better than no progress at all. My heaviest weight was 98kg. I finally gained back my self confidence.

I deserve it, I earned it. It has been so much blood , sweat and tears. I have been so sick of starving myself ( though I know it’s not the right way) , working out and eating healthy most of the times . There are times where I just wanted to eat everything I love/want. I thank god I didn’t.

Since many of you have been asking me how I did it and also the right ways to lose weight and so so on. I must say, all of these questions, I believe Google is the way to give you the correct answers, but in the end, SELF-DISCIPLINE .

In this post, I am not reaching out to annoying girls who are perfectly normal sized but complain that they are fat, I really hope to reach out to actually overweight and obese people who have physical and mental condition that they want to mend. I don’t claim to be a diet / body / health / nutritionist expert of sorts.

Always bear in mind, our body is constantly a work in progress. No overweight or obese person will be fat or thick forever , unless you continue stuffing your face and gorging your body with unhealthy food day after day. It is never too late to start making a change now. I still love food to the heavens, hell and back.

I hope this post could inspire you a little. You can always turn to me for advices, no guarantee, no promise. Have a nice day. Happy trying! 🙂

Now, my question, “How to tone my flabby arms & thighs?” Answers to my comment box below. Thanks 🙂


“In a world full of princesses, dare to be Batman.”

With Love,
Ching Yee

My Instagram : @chermaineccy

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