Maybe My Heart Is Not The Same Anymore

All I did for the past year was learn how to let go, how to move on, how to start over, how to love myself, work on myself, be independent and be strong. Mending everything my heart once destroyed. Putting back together everything my feelings once shattered. All my experiences have not been smooth or…

The Colour of November – 1.11

It’s been way too long since my last post on food, which is a sad refection of how incredibly crazy life has been, both in terms to pen this post and in terms of, well, time to drink the wine or soju and listening to the live band. Anyway, in today’s Powerplant event, I hit…

Why Ching Yee Writes?

Thanks for taking the time to drop by and check out my little online portal, sometimes what I consider to be the very center of my existence. This space has been a huge part of my life now. I started writing on my blog when I was 14 years old, and it’s been a one way track since….

My Hurtful Memories Of Being An Ugly & Obese Girl

This is quite an extremely personal post. I am sharing my personal experiences and feelings how it felt like growing up being obese and overweight. Because of that, this post will contain personal references to people and/or times in my life which affected me in some way, some good and some, well, not so good….